Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Park4You?

Park4You is an internet provider of a valet service at Eindhoven Airport.

What is the difference between valet parking and parking service?

When you come back to the valet parking, you have to wait for your driver to bring the car. At parking service you walk to your car so you can get away faster.

What are the opening hours?

The Valet parking service is available during airport opening hours.

Is my car safely parked at Valet Parking?

The parking areas where Valet Parking is used are enclosed car parks.

Where is my car parked?

All cars are parked in closed areas near Eindhoven Airport.

How can I reserve a parking space?

You can reserve a parking space via our website. After payment, you will receive the booking confirmation via email. In this booking confirmation you can find all important information such as: The address of the parking location and the telephone number. Print your reservation and bring it with you so that you have the address and phone number with you.

Is my car ready when I come back?

Yes, when you return, your car will be on the same parking place as where you issued it.

Why is the mileage quoted?

This guarantees that your car will not be used without limit during your absence.

Am I being dropped off at the airport?

No, simply because hiking is much faster and the airport Eindhoven Airport is at 150 meters walking distance from the Valet Parking. This will bypass all barriers and traffic jams.

Why is it so cheap to have my car washed?

Because a large part of our customers (80%) uses this service, we have been able to make good arrangements. And you will benefit from this!

How can I pay?

You can pay online via the following payment systems: IDeal, Visa, MasterCard, SOFORT Banking and Mister cash.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel the booking up to 1 hour before your booked arrival time. Cancellations can only be by e-mail via valet@park4you.nl. If you cancel later, or do not show up (no shows), you can not refund the amount.

Will I get my money back if I cancel?

If you cancel the booking up to 1 hour before the start of the parking, we will charge 25% of the total amount. 75% of the reservation amount will be refunded to your account. This only applies in the event of a written cancellation (by e-mail). If you cancel later, or do not show up (no shows), you can not refund the amount.

I don’t know my flight times yet, can I already book?

Yes, you can. We advise to reserve full days from 05.00 am to 23.55 am. Once your flight details are known, you can pass them through valet@park4you.nl

My plane lands at 23.45 am, so I’m only after 24.00 hours at my car, which day do I fill in with ‘ departure ‘?

You always fill in the date indicated on your flight ticket. At the time you fill in: 23.55 hours. Because your flight number is known to us, we know exactly when you will be at your car.

Why do I always have to pass my flight number?

We can then keep an eye on whether your flight is delayed, for example, or is landed just half an hour earlier than planned. You always have the guarantee that your car will be ready and we can hand over the key again so that you can leave immediately.


Can’t find your question here?

Please contact Park4You:

Phone number : + 31 6 50 60 83 86

Mail: valet@park4you.nl